I am an art therapist (M.A.), psychoanalytical psychotherapist (M.A.), and an anthropologist (Ph.D.). For a decade I have worked with the MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art) and even for more years at the art school La Massana (UAB), both in Barcelona, Spain. Currently, I work as a professor on tenure

track at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Furthermore, I have been teaching in different training programs about art & therapy, anthropology, and migrations/

transculturality/social work/education/mental health.I have published numerous articles in different languages in books and journals and have held conferences as well as workshops

at a national and international level.

Moreover, I have guest lectured at the University of Chile, Santiago, the Universities

of Genoa (Italy), Toulouse (France), Veracruz at Xalapa, the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) Xochimilco (both in Mexico), the National University of Cordoba and the Center of Psychotherapy Studies (CEP, both in Argentina). Additionally, I have been an invited researcher at the

University of the Philippines Diliman, Manila.


Elisa Pellacanihttp://www.barcelonaorigen.com/